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[ZURÜCK zu allen Alben°]

LYRICS zu Adrenalin (LP) , 2001


[KAUFEN CD/Download]

01. Adrenalin [LYRICS°]
02. Full [LYRICS°]
03. Love Shit [LYRICS°]
04. Der Mann [LYRICS°]
05. Dirty Water [LYRICS°]
06. Fly High [LYRICS°]
07. Grey [LYRICS°]
08. Hier und jetzt [LYRICS°]
09. Prostitution [LYRICS°]
10. Ready to Rock [LYRICS°]
11. Storm [LYRICS°]
12. This Fate [LYRICS°]
13. Burning in the Sun [LYRICS°]
14. X-Pertise

01. ADRENALIN (04:16)

Wie ein Messer sticht es in mein Herz
Besessen vom Schmerz
Wow-wow – mir wird schwindlig
Ich verlier das Gleichgewicht
Wow-wow – mir wird schwindlig
Ich verlier mein Augenlicht, mein Augenlicht

Hörst du wie dein Herz schlägt, wenn du tot bist
Hörst du die Frequenz, nur eine Frequenz
Fühlst du wie dein Herz schlägt, wenn du lebendig bist
Fühlst du den Rhythmus, fühlst du den Groove

Wenn das Leben beginnt, der Groove dich durchdringt, wenn die Melodie erklingt
Wenn die Macht sich entfacht, die Gewalt dich erfasst, deren Energie du hast
Wenn dich nichts mehr hält, nichts in dieser Welt
Nicht für alles Geld, wenn nur noch leben zählt
Wenn du randalierst, die Kontrolle verlierst, dein Leben riskierst

Adrenalin – mein Herz schlägt immer schneller
Adrenalin – der Tag wird immer greller
Adrenalin – der Sound wird immer härter
Adrenalin – der Groove wird immer fetter

Adrenalin – besessen
Adrenalin – vom Schmerz

Achtung, Achtung, der Countdown läuft
1-2-3-4 – Sex – Drugs – Rock – and Roll – Dive – Bomb – Free – Fall


02. FULL (02:26)

Full, if you get full, so fucking full, if you get full
Then you need a trashcan to throw up

Come on, come on, come on, come on,
This fucking life has got to
Go on, go on, go on, go on
So all you got to say is

What’s your life without all this frustration?
What’s it like without an expectation?
What’s your life without this fucking bullshit?
What’s it like if you will never suck it?

It just can’t be enough – throw it in and throw it up

Oh shit I’m so full, does anybody got a trashcan
Hey, is there anybody, cause I’m so fucking full


03. LOVE SHIT (03:44)

I’m down once again
I’m down but this is the end

Goddamn loveshit
This is the end
Of that goddamn loveshit

This goddamn loveshit
Just a loveshit
It’s the end
This is just the fucked-up end

Cause you’re selling me i’m selling you
And that’s all we’ll ever do
I don’t give a fuck for that loveshit

All we’ll ever do is – shit
All we’ll ever do – fuck
All we’ll ever do is – Loveshit

Your love I want never again
Your love you’re fucking selling me

Uhh, I know your love is shit
Your love is fucking shit
Your love is just a goddamn loveshit

Shit, fuck … goddamn loveshit!


04. DER MANN (03:45)

Der Mann hebt seine Hand, doch keiner hört ihm zu
Die Ignoranz des Systems, doch ein Teil davon bist du
Du wirst nie sehn, nie verstehn, unfähig sein zum Streit
Das Element, in dem du schwimmst, ist Belanglosigkeit
Du bist ein Glied, ein kleines Bauteil von dem
Was die Maschinerie am Laufen hält
Befreie dich und nehm den Sinn in deine Hand
Und akzeptiere das Leid, das du allein zu tragen hast
Denn der Weg ist weit und schwer
Doch behalte die Substanz, die dich formbar macht
Schließe den Kranz von innen nicht von dort
Wo Vereinheitlichung wächst
Wo du kalten Bürokraten die Schuhsohlen leckst

Beug dich nicht dem Wind
Er sagte, beug dich nicht
Denn der Weg ist weit und schwer

Giftige Wogen reißen dich mit
Du fühlst dich betrogen, du fühlst dich gefickt
Niemand versteht dich, mach dich bereit
Für eine Welt der Belanglosigkeit

Nimm die Fäden in die Hand, kreier deinen eignen Weg
Wenn du Freiheit willst, dann steh auf und geh
Zerreiß den Schleier, suche das Licht
Mach die Augen auf und beuge dich nicht

Beug dich nicht dem –
Er sagte, beug dich nicht dem Wind


05. DIRTY WATER (04:11)

Dirty water's in my mind
Churned up mud deep down inside
A stormy day in mind
Silence causes violence
Violence causes silence
Confusions burning high inside

Feeling wasted ain't no fun
Know some parts of you have gone
Lost battles in your bones
That kind of living scared within
Remaining to the one you've been inside

So deep inside my mind
It remains what it has been
Before I made you cry
You made me die somehow
(Inside) inside (my mind) my mind
It remains what it has been
Before I made you cry
You made me die somehow

Offensive words spoken by fools
Untimeless reckless and so cruel
Misfiring the gun
Wrong victims become sacrifice
I feel inside like chill through ice
I never meant to cause you any pain


06. FLY HIGH (04:43)

Fly high, higher than the sky
Touch the sky, fly high

Fuck for the world today and fuck for a tomorrow
I only care about becoming high tonight
I don't wanna live every day with sorrow
I just wanna feel, I wanna feel alright

Don't you know, the world is endless horror
And it wants, it wants a bloody fight yeah
But I don't care, don't care about who's stronger
I keep on searching for a way to fly high

I wanna change the world and live for a tomorrow
But I don't even know how to get dressed tonight
There are so many things for which I'm feeling sorry
How I wish, I wish I could put 'em right, yeah


07. GREY (04:04)

You and me, we're together grey
You're the black dressed in my white

I, I'm full of beans
I'm living up my dreams
I'm an act of brilliancy
You, you are breaking down
You're living underground
You're acting like a clown

I, I am feeling fine
I'm drinking sweetest wine
I've got a lot to smile
You, you think of suicide
You've got no appetite
You're crying all the time

I, I get so awake
If I playback the tape
I 'm jumping like an ape, uh, uh
You, you feel melancholy
Your hands over your ears
Your eyes are full of tears

I, I know all the tricks
I can get the chicks
And I deal out the kicks
You, you're searching for advice
You're standing on thin ice
You have no alibis

I, I get so awake
If I playback the tape
I'm jumping like an ape, uh, uh
You, you feel melancholy
You're grey monotony
You're falling on your knees

Going through the streets tonight
He's walking down the way of life
He's taking pictures with his eyes
When he begins to realize

Grey is the colour that I see
Grey is the colour of my dreams
Grey is the colour of decay
And grey is the colour of this face


08. HIER UND JETZT (04:20)

Hey-hey, oh-oh, hey-hey

Hier und Jetzt – will ich es wissen
Hier und Jetzt – ist es beschissen
Hier und Jetzt – nicht gestern und nicht morgen
Hier und Jetzt – werd ich mir's besorgen

Ich lebe voller Schmerz im Bauch
Ich atme Zigarettenrauch

Oh, ich weiß nicht wer die Zeit macht
Ich weiß nicht wer die Macht hat
Ohne Planung ohne Ahnung
Durchschwimme ich den Fluss

Ich weiß nicht wer die Zeit macht
Ich weiß nicht wer die Macht hat
Ich suche nach der Brandung
Doch das Delta ist zu groß

Gefangen in meinem eignen Krieg
Gedanken bis zur Schizophrenie
bis zur Schizophrenie - bis zur Schizophrenie

Hey-hey, oh-oh, Schizophrenie

Die Vergangenheit ist nur eine Erinnerung
Die Zukunft ist nur eine Vision
Hier und Jetzt ist alles
Hier und Jetzt erhalte ich den Lohn

Hey-hey, oh-oh, hey-hey, oh yeah
Hey-hey, oh-oh, Hier und Jetzt


09. PROSTITUTION (03:16)

Now it’s time to fuck you!

This show is prostitution, here we’re gonna fuck you
Wanna see your contribution, if not you better go home
We’re ready to do everything and we don’t fear the consequences
Here we will go on fucking until the last man stand

Welcome to this dirty show where the slither flows, I said it so
Just take a look at these crazy guys
If you really want them you’ve got to pay the price

Come on motherfuckers and chicks
I wanna see you naked, I wanna see you stripped
Get out of your dirty clothes, cause this is a dirty show
Are you ready to do this fuck
Come on and show us what you’ve got
Show me what you’ve got baby, show me something hot
Bad boys you’ve got bad ass
Bad girls you’ve got much more than this
Now it’s time to get it – and now, now, now

Deep Green Sunset’s in da house
We’re the pimps and you’re the whores
Now it’s time to do this fuck
Just look out, just look at what we have got

My life is prostitution, every day I fuck off
Don’t know if it’s just illusion, but I just can’t get enough
I like to do it every day and I don’t fear the consequence
Today I will go on fucking until the bitter end

Until the bitter end I’ll do this prostitution
Until the bitter don’t care about solution
It’s prostitution

This show is a prostitution here we gonna fuck you
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck you


10. READY TO ROCK (02:54)

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready to rock?

I've got enough of that shit today – just go away
Already stood up at six o'clock – to do my job
I ran through the day overstressed, I gave my best
Now I'm sick of that trip – I need a kick

Smile baby smile smile, baby smile smile – it's about time
Cry baby cry cry, baby cry cry – have some fun tonight
Get ready to rock, ready to rock you

Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready to rock?

Com'on baby, com'on, com'on baby rock

I heard enough of that shit you tell – just go to hell
No sleep until six o`clock – we will rock
This night got a bless – so just relax
Send yourself on a trip – and get the kick


11. STORM (05:27)

Storm – You're violent
Storm – I'm frightened
Storm – Call up the sirence
Storm – Blow up my veins

Feelings rage like a tornado
My body's losing control

I feel in trance, in trance and all insane
I'm running amok, amok in my brain
Feels like an alien, an alien at its birth
Like a volcano breaking out of the earth

Rage – rage – rage your feelings
Shock – shock – shock my brain
Break – break – break the silence
Blow – blow – up my veins


Tornado, destroys the frozen heart
Burning that's what it's starts

I feel paranoid, you broke my will
Revenge, revenge, I hear the voices scream
I try to deny what it makes me feel
All my nightmares now become real

Here comes the storm
That will be taking me away
Taking me away
Over the oceans I fear

Taking me away – Storm


12. THIS FATE (06:29)

Free me from whatever feels like a prison
Leave me if you wanna have me yours
Now tell me however you wanna have me
Leave me if you wanna roll my soul, you wanna roll my soul

When anger is coming apart and he’s the victim
And she’s too weak to explain, I know
And fear is turning to hate this fate
But she’s only trying to live, I know, I know, yeah I know

And give me a reason for what you feel
Believe me if you’re fighting no-one wins
And stay with me, but I’m also ready to leave
And tell me do you really wanna hurt, do you really wanna hurt

Understand me I’m not exactly your kind
But she's got it hard to open her mind
Don’t you need me I’ve been used for too many times
But she's got it hard to find a fucking line

Free me from that prison
Free me before it's too late
Before fear is turning to hate this fate
Cause I’m only trying to live, you know, you know, don’t you know


13. BURNING IN THE SUN (02:46)


I’m livin’ from the light
That’s burning deep inside
It’s burning down the norm
To spread out like a firestorm
I’m living for the night
For the dreams and thoughts inside
It’s burning in my mind
Until the sun will rise

(But) you, don’t you give a fuck
Don’t you give a fuck
Don’t you give a fuck
Give a fuck on everybody (2x)

Burn, burning down
The shadows and every doubt (4x)

I look into your face
And I see the disgrace
The norm that burns you down
The lies inside your fucking frown
Your life’s a runaway
To another fucking day
Cause you can’t find the light
That’s burning deep inside

Burn, burning down
The shadows and every doubt (4x)

Don’t give a fuck on

You don’t you give a fuck
Don’t you give a fuck
Don’t you give a fuck
Give a fuck on everybody (2x)

Burn, burning down
The shadows and every doubt (4x)

Give a fuck on


14. X-PERTISE (07:38)

– Instrumental Remix –


All songs written and composed by Deep Green Sunset.


© Green Arts 2009–2018. IMPRESSUM/DATENSCHUTZ